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Off-site activities insurance - Contact us

Contact us

General enquiries

For all new business, general or policy cover enquiries please contact:

Email: Cust.Servuk@Chubb.com
Telephone: 0345 841 0056

Non-Emergency claims enquiries

Chubb Claims Service Team,
Chubb European Group SE

Sentinel Building, 103 Waterloo St, Glasgow,
G2 7BW

Email: claims@chubb.com
Telephone: 0345 841 0059 - UK only +44 (0)141 285 2999 - International

Alternatively you can submit the claim electronically via- www.chubbclaims.co.uk

Emergency assistance

If an accident happens and emergency assistance is required please call Chubb Assistance on:

Telephone: +44 20 7173 7798