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Off-Site Activities Insurance

We cover over 1 million teachers and pupils in the UK with our market-leading policy providing you with experience and expertise.

12 months cover from £420*
*inclusive of IPT.

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Helping to make school trips safer

What is Chubb Off-site activities Insurance?

Chubb European Group SE, (Chubb) Offsite Activities Insurance provides an online resource for teachers, parents, governors and anyone involved in planning a school trip. It offers information, tools, tips and useful resources to help everyone deliver safer out of school education. Formerly known as Eduvia.com this has now been refreshed and brought in line with the core brand that sits behind the service, Chubb.

When a school takes its pupils anywhere outside the school boundaries (an off-site activity), there is always an element of risk.

  • crossing a busy road with 30 primary school pupils on a trip to the local park;
  • taking GCSE English students to a play in the school minibus;
  • going to the local dry ski slope for some lessons before the annual skiing trip to the Alps.

Our online resource aims to help schools in the planning and preparation of off-site activities and minimise the risks they face. After all no one wants an accident to occur and planning in advance can help reduce them.

This scheme provides comprehensive insurance for all off-site activities, and, offering automatic worldwide cover for every child and teacher every time they leave the school gates with fixed annual costs with no hidden extras or adjustments such as excesses.

The scheme provides access to the 24 hour Chubb Assistance helpline for medical emergencies abroad.

On-site cover is also available.

During a trip or off-site activity a teacher has a duty to act in loco parentis i.e. as if they were a reasonable and prudent parent. Parents and courts of law take a serious view of this duty of care and the extent of these responsibilities can be onerous.

“Chubb paid over £20,000 for a medical expenses claim following a skiing accident in the USA”

What to do in an emergency?

The priorities are to:

  • assess the situation
  • safeguard uninjured group members
  • attend to casualty
  • inform the emergency services

Why choose Chubb

Chubb is one of the largest Accident and Health insurers in the United Kingdom, with the size, scale and financial security to meet your insurance needs. We are a truly global company with local operations in over 54 countries which brings advantages when you have international insurance cover.

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